Thursday, June 23, 2011

hungry girl pasta

If you were me, you'd make this too. If you're hungry, this should look good.
After stumbling into my house after taking my last two finals, I instantly pulled out a fruit bar from the freezer. I then had to contemplate. Clean my room or relax and watch TV? I looked at the sweet, icy fruit bar in my hand. Well, I can either clean and eat this treat even though there's a possibility splatters of grape would splash on my white furniture. OR should I relax and take a breather. Breather, it is. After flipping through the movie channels and not finding ANY good ones, I reluctantly turned to the Food Network. My tummy was grumbling. I watched Rachael Ray make some saffron carbonara before I turned the TV off. I needed to feed this grumbling tummy. Now.

I headed downstairs in the mood for a fried egg. I thought we had tomatoes and eggs and potatoes. I could make an egg in a potato basket with a homemade tomato sauce. "YAY!" I thought. i was wrong. We did not have potatoes. Sad face. After grumbling my a** off, I settled with some whole wheat rotini. I just decided to make what I'm a pro at. Pasta.

Hungry Girl Pasta
Serves one hungry girl and two polite grandparents**
1/2 big onion
2 garlic cloves
left over Roma slices from a BBQ (or 3 Romas)
3 handfuls of small cherry tomatoes (or two cups of them halved)
12 oz of dry rotini, or any small pasta
kosher sea salt
freshly ground pepper
1/2 tsp of basil, thyme, rosemary, each (or 2 tsp of Italian seasoning)
Red pepper flakes

Dice up that onion into small cubes. Not too small, not too big, okay? Now, smash the cloves and mince it. Don't make it too small or it will burn soo quick. Dice up the Roma tomatoes. (Now, this is where I found out I needed more tomatoes or it would be a 3:! onion: tomato ratio. Not good. I ordered my darling wittle brutha [he's 14, 5'8] to fetch me some cherry tomatoes. He rolled his eyes and went to his room. So I got them. But I digress.) Put the water on boil now. Heat up a pan. I used to nonstick because I didn't want to ruin my cast irons. (Oh yeah, I made this recipe from the top of my head. Never tried it, don't a reference. I didn't know how it would taste/look/feel. if it was too watery, I wouldn't know what to do. Mum wasn't home. I'm a cast iron n00b. I'm digressing again.) When it is nice and HAWT, drizzle in a little lot of EVOO. Add the onions and garlic. Let it infuse that oil. Move them around a bit so they don't burn. Add some salt. Two pinches of so. (Coarse salt was next to me. My hunger was gnawing at my stomach so to move this along, I just used it.) Add some red pepper flakes if you like a bit of heat. Add the Italian seasoning blend or the freshly picked herbs from your garden. Adjust to your taste. Add your salt and EVOO to your pasta pot. Dump yo' pasta, gurl/boi. Put your tomatoes under low - med heat. While the tomatoes are melding and the pasta is boiling, halve the cherry tomatoes. Watch your fingers, guys! Add the cherry tomatoes. Stir and up the heat. Drain the pasta. Taste the tomatoes and add more seasoning/salt/pepper/red pepper if you would like. Serve and enjoy!

**After making it, I asked my sweet maternal grandparents, who are visiting from Korea, if they wanted some. They politely said, "yes, a small portion" because they wanted to try what I whipped up. They smiled while they ate it. They had, like, 1 oz servings... I had the rest.

PS. These pics came from my iPhone because I was too lazy to fetch my DSLR. K, happy nomming.

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